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Monday, 20 November 2017
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Global e-commerce payments provider Ukash has signed a deal that will see its customers able to withdraw cash from any of the over 24,000 locations operated in the UK by retail payments and services network operator PayPoint. The London-based online payment solutions firm stated that the agreement sees it ‘breaking new ground’ in offering players a ‘convenient and easy way to turn gaming winnings or spare Ukash back into cash’. Until now, change from Ukash transactions or gaming winnings would be returned to users in the form of a new unique code, which could then be used to make further purchases or combined with other Ukash codes. However, this new deal has extended the convenience of e-money even further by allowing UK customers to turn their Ukash back into cash. “At the heart of this new service is our mission to give consumers the utmost flexibility with their Ukash,” said David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer for Ukash. “We also believe it creates even greater appeal for e-commerce retailers to add Ukash to their payment options. “By partnering with PayPoint we are giving consumers multiple points of access at the huge network of PayPoint locations around the UK. It could be someone who has been gambling or gaming online and wants to turn their winnings into cash or a consumer who has returned goods they purchased online with Ukash. The refund will be paid to them in Ukash, which they can convert back into cash. “Other potential uses include emergency cash and customer loyalty rewards such as promotional rewards or cash-back. Whoever the user, the facility to access their cash without the need for plastic brings a whole new dimension to the convenience of Ukash. “We have been leading the way in helping consumers transact online for more than a decade. We identified that greater flexibility in converting Ukash back into cash was an important customer service advantage. As a result, we have made significant investment in the development of cash withdrawals, working in partnership with PayPoint. We believe it’s a pioneering step for consumers and e-tailers alike.” Established in 2001, Ukash enables consumers to spend cash securely online by removing the need to reveal personal financial information. Unique 19-digit codes are purchased in retail outlets with cash before being utilized via thousands of websites around the world. “Ukash has proved very popular with our customers and as a footfall generator for our retail partners,” said Andrew Goddard, Retail Director for Welwyn Garden City-based PayPoint. “We are delighted to add cash withdrawals to our range of cash-out schemes, which enable our retailers to further benefit from the growth and scope of e-commerce.”



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