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Friday, 18 August 2017
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rankgroupOnly days after receiving approval to purchase the land-based casino estate of rival Gala Coral Group Limited for £179 million, gambling giant Rank Group has called for the government to re-think its approach to gambling regulation in order to support economic growth in Great Britain. Maidenhead-based Rank has published its Game Plan report identifying three specific reforms that would alter the relationship between the gambling industry and the UK government while additionally instituting a different approach to gaming policy. “We believe that the over-arching role of gambling legislation should be to maximise the benefits to society and the economy while minimising costs,” writes Ian Burke, Chief Executive Officer for Rank. Rather than simply focusing on harm minimisation, Burke uses the Game Plan report to argue that popular myths and misconceptions about gaming have both stymied the growth of the industry and prevented meaningful discussions about how to deal with the subject of problem gambling. The Game Plan report, which has been sent to more than 150 Members of Parliament, calls on the government to bring bingo taxation into line with other forms of gaming and betting by setting the tax rate at 15 percent. In addition, it calls on the government to permit local authorities to decide whether to license casinos while also allowing these venues to better meet customer demand for gaming machines. In the 20-page report, Burke asserts that Rank and its peers have the potential to ‘contribute a great deal more to life in Britain through job creation and economic development, revenue generation for government, our work in communities and our capacity to bring people together for shared experiences’ but that greater support from government is required. “At present, our endeavours are hampered by anachronistic regulations and an overly complex system of taxation,” wrote Burke. “We want to do our best but, like any business, we need our government to support us.” He also acknowledges that there is more that the industry should do to create an environment for growth. “We must challenge ourselves to offer more to society and to make sure that our efforts are visible and valued,” wrote Burke.



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