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Friday, 18 August 2017
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25 June, 2013 (Press Release): Today sees the launch of Metro Play, the new online gaming service from Metro, the nation’s favourite free newspaper.

Metro Play sets out to be the UK’s number-one mobile gaming destination and taps into the desire for entertainment on the move. Research conducted by Metro showed that busy on the move urbanites play their own secret games in their heads to fill in those moments of boredom and tedious city lulls.

Research shows that commuters play a range of games: ‘Train door roulette’ jostling with fellow commuters on the platform to win the optimum door opening spot; ‘Whose seat is it anyway?’ when two commuters reach an empty train seat at the same time; ‘Bus surfing’, the fight for survival to stand up without holding on; and ‘Name that tune’, trying to name the song echoing from the headphones of the person sitting next door.

So say goodbye to twiddling your thumbs and say hello to more rewarding ways to play with Sudoku, puzzles and an exciting range of mobile casino games via Metro Play Games and Metro Play Casino, available online, on your mobile and via your desktop.

Metro Play offers players more; with simple, fun, straightforward games. Plus, Metro Play Casino hands out top offers on mega jackpots, free spins and bonuses. With more than 200 web games and more than 50 mobile games, whether you are on a lunch break or killing time during a dull ad break while waiting for your favourite television show, is jam packed with the best games to fill in life’s less entertaining moments.

Jamie Walters, Metro Play’s Executive Director said: “Like Metro, Metro Play is the perfect entertaining pick me up at any time of day. When you’re on the go all day, you want to make the most of the moments you have to yourself, turning passing time into something fun and rewarding.”



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